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Strange Attractors

Manif d’art 4, Quebec, 2008
Notre-Dame-de-Grace Cultural Center, Montreal, 2009

“By offering the viewer environments to inhabit or devices to experience (Bunker by Mathieu Valade, Strange Attractors by Rosalie Dumont-Gagné), […] each of the works in the central exhibition invites them to be uniquely engaged.”

— Véronique Leblanc, Revue Espace no 86

Interactive sound sculpture installation where people are invited to contribute to the soundtrack emitted by the objects on the wall by whispering into the object on the floor. Consequently, the multilayered soundscape evolves throughout the duration of the show in response to visitor interventions.

Dimensions variable; approximately 300 x 300 x 250 cm
Blown glass, ceramic, bees wax, and sound device controlled by Max-Msp software.

Photos: Yvan Binet