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Inner Whispers

FOFA Gallery, Montreal, 2007

“The crafted objects serve as both diffusers and receptors. They disseminate voices, the scent of beeswax, their shape. They capture our listening, our bodies leaning, still, in anticipation.”

— Rober Racine 

We stand before what we could call a “little theater of whispers.” With great refinement, the artist offers us an uncommon sensory experience. On a small platform, a few amphorae suggest the acoustic horn of early phonographs. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a delicate staging of objects. But as one approaches them, it is as if by magic, that it becomes apparent that these sculptures, coated in places with beeswax, emanate human voices whispering mysterious words, secrets, wishes, fantasies in various languages. A metaphor for the Tower of Babel and its polyphony of different languages.

— Excerpt from Rober Racine’s review: “Rosalie D. Gagné: Inner Whispers.”

Approximately: 160 x 180 x 250 cm
Ceramic, beeswax, and sound device.

Photos: Guy L’Heureux