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Enchanted Loom

Des Orioles Primary School, St-Zotique, 2012

“As highlighted in the artist’s presentation text, there was an immediate desire to “evoke intelligence and liveliness of spirit by creating a playful and dynamic project.” With the intention of “producing a work whose form resonates with architectural spaces while revisiting, with a contemporary perspective, the structure of neural networks.”

— Jean-Yves Bastarache, project manager

Neurons are the champions of connectivity in cells. The human brain contains approximately 100 billions of them organized into millions of functional networks that establish the connections leading to knowledge. Enchanted Network refers to the expression “Enchanted Loom” coined by neuroscientist Charles S. Sherrington to poetically describe the brain’s activity upon awakening. By revisiting the structure of a neural network with a contemporary perspective, the artwork offers us a free visual interpretation of this metaphor.

915 x 365 x 215 cm
3D printing, translucent resin, and automotive lacquer.

Works of art integrated under the Government of Quebec’s Policy for Integrating Arts into Architecture and Environment.

Photos: Rosalie D. Gagné