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Champ fluide (Qc) / Quinta essentia (Mx)

Casa del Lago, Mexico, 2000
L’Œil de poisson, Quebec, 2001

“In the vast space of the Œil de Poisson gallery, ‘Champ fluide’ by Rosalie D. Gagné and Caroline Flibotte, both from Quebec City, undoubtedly constitutes one of the most beautiful surprises of the year in contemporary sculpture.”

— Dany Quine, Le Soleil

“In this exploration, one can sense above all the desire for a tangible encounter with authentic form.”

— David Cantin, Propos d’artiste

Champ fluide is the meeting of two sculptors with a mutual interest in each other’s work, united by artistic affinities and the desire to live a singular experience in creating a shared space. These two distinct practices are rooted in the world of symbolism and experience, where our gaze is opened. One of the practices evolves through blown glass, used as a receptacle by Rosalie D. Gagné, who perceives a similarity with our existence in the manufacturing process: a breath is injected into an initial structure, and the form naturally unfolds from the inside out, under the forces of impulse and gravity. Working on a human scale allows her to accentuate the idea of « encounter » between the individual and the sculpture. She activates contrasts such as stability/precariousness, fragility/resistance, Cartesian/organic, transparency/opaque.

— Translated excerpt from David Cantin’s article: “Champs fluide; une impulsion métaphorique”

Photos: Yvan Binet