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Artificial Kingdom

Œil de Poisson, Quebec City, 2009
Espace Cercle Carré, 2012
Langage plus, Alma, 2013
Art souterrain, Montreal, 2014

“Like in a cavern, we enter a magical place: there, suspended up to the height of our bowed heads, like a vegetal canopy, 64 plastic creatures breathe with the regularity of a heartbeat.”

— Eric Clément, La Presse

As a site-specific installation that continues the exploration initiated with the artwork Alveoli, Artificial Kingdom takes shape as a network made up of 64 small inflatable objects that unfold within the space of a small gallery and come to life with a slow expansion-contraction movement when visitors enter the space.

250 x 300 x 300 cm
Polythene, blowers, vinyl tubing microcontroller and motion detector.

Electronics: Samuel St-Aubin
Photos: Yvan Binet