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Artificial Kingdom III

Parc Extension exhibition space, Montreal, 2017
Chronique, Biennial of Digital Imaginaries, Marseille, 2018

“In the darkness of the black box, the luminous creatures of Rosalie D. Gagné’s kinetic installation “Artificial Kingdom III” unfold to the rhythm of a steady breath. The air infuses movement into a mechanical life, mimicking an underwater existence. […]”

— Nathalie Bachand, curator

[…] Suspended overhead in the darkness, inflatable polyethylene bodies evoke the hidden nature of the ocean depths – subterranean movement, the meanderings of the subconscious. D. Gagné’s recent propositions, as she herself mentions, “freely draw inspiration from a current of so-called reactive architecture, which explores how natural and artificial systems interact. One of the models for the design and realization of such reactive environments is biomimicry, namely the digital simulation of functions, behaviors, actions, and sufferings of living beings. At the heart of this reflection, which is based on a combination of anxiety and hope, lies the utopia of harmonizing the artificial world and natural processes.”

— Nathalie Bachand, curator

Variable size, approximately: 250 x 500 x 600 cm
Polyethylene, fans, microcontroller, infrared presence sensor, and RGB reflectors

Curator: Nathalie Bachand
Electronic Design and Programming: Samuel St-Aubin
Photos: Michel Pineault