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Artificial Kingdom II

Galerie FOFA, Montreal, 2010
Espace Cercle Carré, Montreal, 2012

“We are immersed in the artificial mimicry of natural functions like breathing, in a representation of living beings that is both technological and architectural.”

— Eric Clément, La Presse

Artificial Kingdom II is an immersive installation comprising a network of small inflatable objects that populate the gallery and are animated with a slow expansion and contraction, mimicking the rhythm of breath. The structure itself mirrors organic materials in form but is constructed with transparent plastic sheets and is mechanically animated. Through these material contradictions, Artificial Kingdom II explores the tensions between the artificial world and natural processes, captivating, and unsettling viewers with its immersive, uncanny quality.

— Excerpt from the description written by Jake Moore, director of the FOFA Gallery in 2009.

200 x 600 x 300 cm
Polyethylene, fans, microcontroller, infrared presence sensor, and RGB reflectors.

Electronics and coding: Samuel St-Aubin
Photos: Guy L’Heureux