Rosalie D. Gagné

Artificial reign III


Kinetic light installation.

Espace de diffusion Parc Extension, Montreal, 2017.

Un million d'horizon ( 1 x 19 = 1 000 000 ) Comissaire:  Nathalie Bachand


In the the black box night, the luminous creatures of Rosalie D. Gagné's Artificial Reing III unfold to the rhythm of a regular breathing. The air comes to infuse the movement of a mechanical life, mimesis of subaquatic existence. Suspended  in the dark, the bodies of inflatable polythene evoke the hidden nature of the seabed - subterranean movement, meanders of the subconscious. The recent proposals of D. Gagné, as she mentions herself, "are freely inspired by a current of so-called reactive architecture, a movement which explores how natural and artificial systems interact. One of the models for the design and realization of such reactive environments is bio-mimicry, that is, the numerical simulation of functions, behaviors, action and reaction of living beings. At the heart of this reflection, based on a combination of anxiety and hope, lies the utopia of harmonizing the artificial world and the natural processes. " —   Nathalie Bachand